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What is Gateway?
It is a program that makes it possible to provide housing to people who have become homeless,
temporarily or permanently, or are at imminent risk of becoming so, in
result of an unpredictable or exceptional event, namely movements

Who is the exceptional regime for?
Displaced persons from Ukraine who have been granted temporary protection under
of the Resolution of the Council of Ministers No. 29 A/ 2022 of 1 March, regardless of the
financial condition

Support Modalities
Financial support for accommodation is provided through the granting to beneficiaries of
a contribution to cover the costs of

  •  Accommodation in tourist resorts

  •  Renting a home

Contribution of the expense, up to the following reference value

  • Accommodation in a hotel or similar establishment, the daily value corresponding to the average income per available room (relative to the total number of hotels, by regions (NUTS II), contained in the most recent Tourism Statistics released by the National Statistics Institute, IP

  • The median value of rents per m2 of family dwellings (of the municipality where the housing is located, for the last year published by INE) (Lisbon value 11€24 m2)

  • Support is granted for a period of up to 18 months, and can be extended up to a maximum of 30 months.

Elements for granting support by the IHRU to the Beneficiary

According to Art. 14 D.L. 29/2018, the contract must contain a reference to its special temporary purpose.

how is it processed

IHRU, IP transfers support to each of the aggregates or directly to the account
bank of the entity with whom the accommodation is contracted
The support, regardless of its modality, will be made available by the IHRU, IP,
directly to each of the persons or aggregates, and, whenever the case
justify, be transferred directly to the bank account of the person, natural or legal,
with whom the accommodation is contracted.
The Invoice / Receipt must be issued in the name of the lessee(s), listed in the Contract
of lease. The same must be sent to the municipality of Lisbon, until the 15th of
each month, and the municipality must make the referral to the IHRU, I P. In this way, the
Payment will be made on the 8th of each month.

Applicable Law

• Decree Law No. 29/2018, of May 4
• Ordinance No. 167/2018, of June 12
• Decree Law No. 24 B/2022, of March 11

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