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Ukrainian Refugee Assistance Center "VsiTut"

Today, the main problem for most Ukrainian refugees arriving in Portugal is
the lack of communication with the authorities, due to the language barrier and their situation of
stress, which makes it difficult to receive social assistance these days. Lack of
emergency care to meet basic living needs, in turn,
exacerbates this stressful situation.
The Ukrainian Refugee Assistance Center aims to bridge the gap between refugees
Ukrainians living in the Lisbon area and Portugal's social programs in response to the
their basic life needs through the synergy of a team of professionals,
Ukrainians and Lusophones, who will be able to help not only formulate a request and submit a
package of documents, but will also help to accompany the process of its resolution.

Center opening hours:
9:00-18:00 with lunch break 13:00-14:00.
At the Ukrainian refugee assistance center:
• An application for alternative social benefits is made if for several months the
refugees have not received benefits from the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa and the
Instituto de Proteção Social, which make payments under Portuguese legislation
in force;
• There is a website "Order - Solution".
where refugees can make their
needs and Portuguese families, institutions and companies can offer help;
• Assistance in finding housing within the scope of the Porta Entrada project and other proposals
• Qualified consultations of a lawyer, social worker are provided;
• Portuguese language study groups are formed;
• Mutual aid groups are formed;
• The center's technical staff, who speak Portuguese and Ukrainian, actively participate in the
organization of the translation of the Ukrainian refugee recruitment campaigns, which are
periodically organized by large companies;
• There is a social store for humanitarian aid;
• Social benefits in the form of a monthly pass allowance.

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