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Social Fund

The Social Support Fund aims to guarantee, through the allocation of a monetary fund or material goods, the provision of support to refugees from Ukraine referred, preferably, by the High Commissioner for Migration with proven needs or shortages and lack of income. and support and who intend to settle in the municipality of Lisbon, in order to ensure their dignified subsistence.


Eligibility Criteria:

     I.     Presentation of ukrainian refugee status document;

   II.     Needs or proven lack of social service performed by the technical teams of AUP or CML working on the VSI TUT program;

 III.     Absence of income and support;

 IV.   Demonstration of residence in the municipality of Lisbon;

Heads Up :  

- All support given through the Social Support Fund must be preceded by social assistance (by appointment);

 - Social Support requests require a period of analysis and approval by an independent committee (it takes about one week);

 - Support of a financial nature can be paid for a maximum period of 3 months;          

- There is a maximum limit value of support per household;

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